It's Aliiiive....and Kicking!

It’s Aliiive – and kicking!

As of January 2, 2017, we began sending the newly completed BRIDE OF FRANKIE out into the world, and her journey’s off to an exciting start. She premiered in Copenhagen at the Night Terrors Festival where she won the 2nd place Audience Award – hurray!

She’s since been officially accepted to over 130 festivals, spanning 32 countries worldwide, snagging 23 awards, including three additional audience awards (at a horror fest, a sci-fi fest and genre-neutral fest respectively), along with awards for Best Film, Best Short, Best U.S. Narrative Short, Best Horror Film, Best Horror Comedy, Best Comedy Short, Best Special FX, Best Production Design, Best Female Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Costume Design and Best Ohio Filmmaker Short, with 23 additional nominations, including Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Score, Best LGBT film, Best Horror and Best “Feel Good” Movie.

What’s next? Why, the feature version, of course! In the meantime you can keep up with all of our updates and screenings at our Facebook Group.

Bride of Frankie -- The Feature Version!

Several years back, I pitched my idea for BRIDE OF FRANKIE, a short film, to a producer friend who told me, “I absolutely love it, but…”

“But…?” I pressed her.

“Yet another short film?” she asked. “Why don’t you make it a feature?”

She had a valid point. After our AFI-DWW film, DEATH IN CHARGE, got into well over 100 fests, winning 20+ awards and landing several distribution deals, I landed a whole bunch of fancy meetings with fancy industry people who wanted to make the fancy feature-length version.

There was just one wee little problem. Continue reading Bride of Frankie — The Feature Version!

The Project

BRIDE OF FRANKIE is a self-contained short film that also serves as the opening teaser of a Frankenstein-themed feature film.

Set in 1937, FRANKIE is a dark comedy that lies somewhere between EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and Tod Browning’s FREAKS, combining history with magic realism and themes from Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN as it explores questions of nature vs. nurture, gender and sexuality, and the responsibility we each have to ourselves, each other and the environment. Continue reading The Project