The Project

THE BRIDE OF FRANKIE is a self-contained short film that also serves as the opening teaser of a Frankenstein-themed feature film.

Set in 1937, FRANKIE is a dark comedy that lies somewhere between EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and Tod Browning’s FREAKS, combining history with magic realism and themes from Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN as it explores questions of nature vs. nurture, gender and sexuality, and the responsibility we each have to ourselves, each other and the environment.


BRIDE OF FRANKIE (the short): Circa 1937, when a not-so-mad scientist creates a female mate for her mentor’s lonely creation, deadly results reveal that love is not an exact science.

BRIDE OF FRANKIE (the feature)  In 1937, when a Bride-of-Frankenstein creature “outs” her creator — and paramour — she must escape a circus sideshow to rescue the woman she loves from a sanitarium. (Amelia Earhart is a character in this film!)

The short screenplay won first place for “Best Comedy” in the Nashville Film Festival’s screenplay competition and placed as a finalist in the prestigious PAGE Awards, Cinequest and Fresh Voices screenplay competitions. The corresponding feature-length screenplay has earned high praise from one of Hollywood’s top script doctors and is currently a top-5 finalist in the Fresh Voices Screenplay competition in two separate categories: Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy and the “Courage and Fortitude” award. It was also a top 10 finalist in their Comedy/Rom-com category.

We shot the short film in South Bend, Indiana for one week in July 2015 and anticipate completion of post-production in July 2016. We aim to not only give the short a life on the international film festival circuit—as we have with our previous award-winning shorts and micro-budget feature—but will also use it to generate the outside support needed to shoot the extended feature and prequel.

2018 marks the bicentennial of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN. Our project aims  to pay tribute to what she began as a 19-year-old girl almost 200 years ago with an updated feminist twist we hope would make her proud. Long live FRANKENSTEIN!

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