Helmed by writer/directrix Devi Snively and with the support of talented cast and crew primarily hailing from the Michiana region, Deviant Pictures boasts  a darkly comedic oeuvre of  7 short films and a micro-budget feature to date, all combining our signature blend of macabre humor with the playful exploration of contemporary social issues. Our films have screened at over 400 festivals worldwide, garnering over 100 awards (including audience choice, best film, best director, best screenplay, best actor and best cinematography), distribution and critical acclaim such as this:

“…a masterpiece of horror comedy… Now this is what I call an achievement in low budget filmmaking… Please, please, someone give this (wo)man a gob of money to make a feature!!”   ~ SpookyDan, Bloody-Disgusting.com

_Shelley stocking legs“I know it’s corny to describe a filmmaker as a “talent worth keeping an eye on,” but that phrase is tailor-made for Ms. Snively.”  ~Peter Gutierrez, Film-Forward.com

“Devi Snively is probably one of the most recognizable horror directors in that her films have a very distinct look and feel; somewhere between early silent films and rock videos.”   ~ Heidi Martinuzzi, Film Threat

“It’s like Tim Burton, Charlie Chaplin, Quentin Tarantino and PeeWee Herman all got into an accident on the freeway and Devi Snively crawled out of the wreckage.”     ~Rhodester Chronicles

For a sample of our work, watch several of our films online at the following links. Email Devi for the secret password (deviantpix at hotmail dot com)

DEATH IN CHARGE (15 minutes)